Mittens is arguably New Zealand’s most famous Cat. He was awarded the Key to Wellington City by Mayor Andy Foster, has had his own exhibition at Wellington Museum and now he’s getting his very own official song!

Written by 2020 Children’s Tui Award Finalist Chris Sanders and Natalie Conaty, “Mittens – Official Song” is all about the adventures of Mittens around the city of Wellington.

“What an honour to write this song for Mittens and his fans,” says song co-writer Chris Sanders. “He has become such a huge celebrity in his own right and we felt it was fitting to give him his own song to help share his adventures around Wellington.”

The Turkish Angora kitty, known affectionately by his legions of fans as ‘His Royal Floofiness (HRF)’ shot to fame when he began turning up in random places around Wellington, from offices to rest homes, yoga studios to night clubs – he’s even been known interrupt the occasional health and safety briefing!

“Mittens has brought so many people together through his real life encounters around Wellington bringing a ray of sunshine wherever he goes. He is a wonderful example of the positive influence animals can have on mental health and the community and has connected people globally in a way that very few could,” says Mittens owner, Silvio Bruinsma.

As his reputation grew, a Facebook page, ‘The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens’ was set up and has grown to almost 65K fans who follow his every move. For those lucky enough to encounter Mittens on his journey, selfies are snapped and shared on his page for the whole world to enjoy.

In a year that has seen so many people suffer from loneliness, isolation and separation, Mittens has become a great ambassador in bringing people together and spreading joy around the world. So at the request of His Royal Floofiness a portion of proceeds from the song downloads are going to The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand!

“This purrfect sense of wellbeing is what we call the ‘Mittens Effect’ and it is great to know the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand will receive the proceeds from the song to support its critical work,” says Wellington Mayor Andy Foster. “Who Let the Dogs Out won a Grammy in 2001, so perhaps it will be Mittens strolling the red carpet in 2021! We would just need to ensure Paris Hilton didn’t try to nab him!”  

There’s something for the little and big kids in this song, it’s catchy, a little bit cheeky and very funny! As part of the release of the song there is also a music video featuring Mittens, those he has met on his travels and some well know Wellington faces!

Released through Angel Star Publishing House, pre-order commences on Friday December 4 and goes on full release Saturday December 12.

Use this link for both pre-order and full release

For more on Mittens visit his Facebook page:

The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens