Cousin team CHRIS SANDERS and NATALIE CONATY have joined together once again, to create ‘The Lonely Book’ their second children’s picture book with music.

Both Chris and Natalie were born in Ireland but from an early age their families moved to different areas, with Chris growing up in Liverpool, England and Natalie in Waterford in the REP. of Ireland. But whenever there was a family gathering, Chris and Natalie were like two peas in a pod.

Then in 1994 Chris moved to New Zealand and they didn’t see each other in person for almost 25 years!

In that time Chris became a multi-number 1 HIT children’s songwriter and author, releasing popular children’s titles such as ‘Angel Star’ and ‘Call For The Ambulance, Feat. The 111 Ambulance Song’.

Natalie pursued her passion for everything artistic, working as a wax figure stylist for the world renowned Madame Tussauds in London. Then in 2018 Natalie also moved to New Zealand and currently works for Weta Workshop in Wellington.

Re-united in New Zealand it didn’t take long before the cousins worked together to produce the #1 HIT children’s album and picture book ‘These Memories Make You and Me.’

Putting a smile on the faces of children is what drives Chris and Natalie so it is with great excitement that they are able to combine their passions for a second time on ‘The Lonely Book.’