Join Ambulance Officer Chris as he starts your Super Ambulance Hero Training and learn the 4 crucial steps you need to know if you ever find yourself in an emergency!

Be taken on a journey around the neighbourhood to discover the Teddy’s in their hiding places. Catchy count along song features the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Welcome a new little ‘Angel Star’ to the family with open arms.

This book is perfect as a gift for new or expecting parents!

You should never judge a book by it’s cover – who know’s what treasures lay inside!

Book and song encourages a be kind to each other message

Featuring 111 Ambulance Song

This life-saving book helps kiwi kids know how to react in an emergency and dial 111!

Proceeds from every sale go to St John – NZ’s Most Trusted Charity!

From the moment you see your new born baby to watching them grow up.

This book and album will make you reminisce about all the wonderful memories you’ve shared.

HANA THE GLOWWORM (Feat: Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra)

Part 1 of ‘Hana the Glowworm’ is out now and includes 2 songs ‘Curious Creature’ and ‘World of Wonderful.’ The songs and story follows the adventures of Hana, a curious glowworm who is drawn out of her cave by the mellifluous sounds of a faraway orchestra. With her new friend Eel she meets lots of new friends and learns about the instruments from the orchestra. It’s full of fun, fantasy, adventure and drama!

Two songs available now! Click here to listen

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I’ve worked on some incredible projects in my time with people like Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams and Cyndi Lauper. Angel Star created by Chris Sanders is one of those extraordinary projects.  I know Angel Star is going to resonate with the public and the book and song will definitely tug at your heart strings.

My Children were swept away by Angel Star and immediately memorized the lyrics to the song. Listening to them sing their hearts out is always pretty adorable.  Safe to say the song and story definitely reach their target audience!  The illustrations are soft and very appealing, drawn in a nightscape that sets the tone for bedtime. Kat Merewether is the award-winning author and illustrator behind the Kuwi the Kiwi series, so this one is worth checking out for all Kuwi fans!

Chris Sanders visited Glenfield Library on Saturday December 3 to perform for our customers and introduce them to his music as well as his picture book ‘Angel Star.’ An audience adults and children alike were thoroughly entertained and moved by Chris’ beautiful voice and sensitive lyrics. Chris is a natural performer and engages well with a crowd.

Chris Sanders worked closely alongside us here at Browns Bay School for the launch of his book, ‘Angel Star.’  He sang with our students on a couple of occasions leading up to the actual event and related extremely well to both the children and their teachers.  It was immensely valuable for our students to see Chris in action and for them to see what he has accomplished in terms of songwriting and recording.  The collaboration was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for us all.

Thank you for your time and entertainment on Saturday. Your presence livened up our store and customers. It was a success selling out all of your books!

Your interaction with the customers was great put a smile on the faces as they wandered around our store and added to a positive buying experience

If you are back in the area we would welcome you back.

This book comes with the added bonus of a CD with Chris Sanders singing and playing his guitar. The illustrations by Kat Merewether lend a whimsical and mythical air to a rather lovely book. A really wonderful way of introducing the idea of a new baby into a family with a small child.  My 2 ½ year old granddaughter Quinn was reading this book and immediately grasped that this was about a new baby in a family and gave herself the role of the baby and the little girl as her big sister Abby, which I found incredibly cute.

Thank you so much for organising this visit from Chris. We loved having him! He was very relaxed, warm and friendly and the children loved him. The children listened attentively and picked up his songs really quickly. Since his visit we have been revisiting the songs and books and children have been spontaneously bursting into song during session “pick up the phone and dial 111…!” Chris’ visit has prompted numerous discussions about when and how to call for an ambulance. We realise that many children don’t know their own addresses and this is something we are now encouraging parents to discuss with their children. We really loved having Chris perform for us – it was educational, entertaining and inspiring! Thank you so much.

Thanks for getting in touch and letting Chris come over to perform at our May Road Primary School. It was very easy to organise the tour. The communication was fast and easy. The instructions very very easy to follow. Chris is a great performer, awesome singer and great presenter. Chris was very clear in his communication with the children. He was before time and finished in time. The message was very clearly presented and understood by the children. Overall great show.

We were very grateful to host Chris here at Massey Library. The kindergartens were very excited about coming along and participating. I think his ambulance book and the messages are essential in these days of mobile phones. Teaching children the importance of knowing their address and being able to call 111 is more important than ever. Chris had a lovely manner with the children and made the session interactive and fun. We had about 80 people here and we would have had more, if the forecast had been a little better.

Chris’ performance was pitched at the right level. The students really enjoyed when Chris sang the ambulance song. In fact, my year 2 daughter was singing it in the car this morning! Love the books as well, they are easy to read and have great illustrations.

Chris was engaging, energetic and captivating – our audience of 270 NE- Year 4 children were fully involved in his presentation. They loved learning and performing the actions to Chris’s 111 song. Meeting an author
and a songwriter and hearing him perform his own work was very special for teachers and children.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Chris was awesome, he engaged the children right from the start and had our students singing along quickly! His catchy tune has been stuck in the heads of teachers and students for weeks after. We have also been pleased with the amount of feedback from our parent community of their children coming home to ask where the phone is and how they can use it to ring 111. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Chris come and sing with our students!

Chris’ visit was great. Chris was so easy going and lovely to the kids and they had a great time. I have still heard the ambulance song being hummed around the school a week later! The books are a great reminder for them so they can go back to it. Some of the messages were really important and not things we would have thought of to talk with the kids about – for example, about knowing how to use the mobile phone if you know there isn’t a landline. I know that lots of the teachers followed it up immediately with their classes and continued the conversation. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Chris at our school.

Chris’s performance was really well received by the students and staff. The resources that come with the show are very helpful too. What a great way to reinforce the message of how to call the ambulance.



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