How To Write a Song

A four-part series, complete with accompanying activity sheets, for use in primary school classrooms or at home to teach young children the basics of writing their own song.

Utilising the children’s song and picture book, The Teddy Bear Hunt, celebrating community spirit and kindness in Aotearoa; learn about how rythmn, mood, tempo and pitch make up the essential elements of writing a song.

Children’s songwriter and author Chris Sanders of Angel Star Publishing House is thrilled to have partnered with The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra on this unique and timely project.

Teddy Bear Hunt came about in response to the COVID 19 lockdowns and the song and accompanying picture book celebrates the spirit of kindness and community which emerged out of the grassroots Teddy Bear Hunt campaign. These videos were produced during COVID Alert Level 2.

VIDEO ONE: Brainstorming, Free-writing and Getting Your Mind Active

VIDEO TWO: Mood, Tempo and Rhythm

VIDEO THREE: Melody, Key and Rhyming 

VIDEO FOUR: Structure and Collaborating



Get your very own copy of ‘The World’s Greatest Teddy Bear Hunt’ featuring the song by Chris Sanders and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Click here to order now or on the book cover image to the left.

Illustrated by Natalie Conaty


24 x 24cm

ISBN: 978-0-473-54089-0


Would you like to go on your very own Teddy Bear Hunt?  Great, then you’ll LOVE the Teddy Bear Bingo game!  There are lots of different fun games you can play by simply printing out the main Teddy Bear Bingo Card (that’s the one with all 9 of the cuddly creatures images on it) as well as the individual character cards for each cuddly creature.  Here’s a couple of ideas…

Game 1: Teddy Bear Hunt

Get your friend or family member to place the 9 individual character cards in hiding places around your home.  Use the main Teddy Bear Bingo Card to tick of the cuddly creatures as you find them.  Once you’ve found all 9 then you’ve completed the game.  Nice work!

Game 2: Teddy Bear Bingo 

Print out Teddy Bear Bingo Cards (one for each player) and also each of the individual character cards (one set for each player).  So every player will have 9 cards.

Shuffle your cards and turn them face down on the ground so you or your competitor does not know the order of your cards.  Decide who is going first.

Pick up your card and place it on the same character on your Teddy Bear Bingo Card. The first player to get 3 in a row, be it down, across or diagonal is the WINNER!

Maybe you can come up with your own idea for a Teddy Bear Hunt game using the cards!


Under each image you can click link to download PDF version