Call For The Ambulance Featuring the 111 Ambulance Song

Featuring 111 Ambulance Song

The 111 Ambulance Book & Song will save lives, by empowering children with the knowledge of how to react in an emergency.

Written and sung by #1 Children’s Hit Songwriter Chris Sanders, the 111 Ambulance Song has been written for St John New Zealand to support their ASB St John in Schools education programme. As a follow up to the release of the 111 Ambulance Song, Angel Star Publishing House is releasing Call For The Ambulance in May 2018 in the form of a Children’s Picture Book, featuring the 111 Ambulance Song.

This will become the go-to book and song for Kindergarten to Primary aged Children and a great tool for parents to help their Children learn the emergency number. It’s literally a step-by-step guide for Children about how to call an ambulance should they find themselves in a situation that requires this action to be taken, asking questions such as:

  1. Would you know what to do in an emergency?
  2. How would you react under pressure?
  3. Could you locate the phone in an emergency?
  4. Are you confident enough to pick up the phone and dial 111?

More details announced soon!