Angel Star is proud to announce that it has has formed an alliance with Children’s charity ‘Child Matters’ to protect all our little Angel Stars in the community.

Child Matters is New Zealand’s only national charitable trust dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. Since 1994, they have been advocating for the rights of children and educating and inspiring New Zealanders to make sure that every child flourishes in a safe, stable and nurturing environment.

“I always wanted to be able to use the Angel Star book and song to help other children,” says author and composer Chris Sanders. “After meeting with Child Matters I was just amazed with the work they are doing. They are a top of the mountain charity, educating to prevent, so that children don’t end up in our hospitals, or worse.”

Child Matters works throughout New Zealand, educating, supporting and inspiring adults to protect children. They do this by:

  • Raising understanding and awareness of the issue of child abuse.
  • Providing knowledge, skills and confidence to those who are in a position to act to protect children
  • Influencing a change in society’s attitudes toward child abuse and
  • Engaging communities to make the wellbeing of children a priority

As a strong advocate for the rights of children, Child Matters promotes, encourages and supports prevention activities and efforts at both local and national level.

Child Matters’ work includes:

  • Establishing and delivering nationally recognised child protection training programmes to the children’s workforce
  • Advising organisations and businesses on child protection and safe working practices
  • Advocating for the rights of children by influencing changes in policies and legislation to make New Zealand a safer place for children

To find out more about Child Matters visit